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Children's Books

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Frank's First Day  of School

Frank's First Day of School at Feelings Academy


                              Book Description

Join Frank on a heartwarming journey at Feelings Academy in "Frank's First Day at Feelings Academy." This enchanting tale introduces children to basic emotions like happy, sad, mad, and excited, fostering emotional awareness and vital communication skills. As Frank navigates his first day of school, the story offers practical insights, coping strategies for emotions, and valuable life lessons. Dr. Erica Handon combines storytelling with educational elements, creating an engaging guide to emotional intelligence for young readers. A must-read for parents, educators, and children exploring the world of feelings.

Dear Monster, Leave me alone

Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone

                                              Book Description

Embark on a empowering journey with "Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone," a captivating story unraveling bedtime fears. Authored by Dr. Erica Handon, this enchanting tale addresses the universal childhood fear of monsters beneath the bed. The book offers an interactive and imaginative approach, providing children with a sense of control over their fears. It explores therapeutic themes, guiding children to talk about and overcome their fears, fostering trust and resilience. The narrative features playful yet impactful interactions with the monster under the bed, transforming fear into a playful ally. A must-read for parents, educators, and caregivers, offering entertainment and therapeutic guidance for conquering bedtime fears.

We are Superhero's

We Are Superhero's 

                        Book Description

Embark on an empowering journey with Junior and Shawn in "We Are Superhero’s," written by Dr. Erica Handon. The brothers grapple with newfound abilities reminiscent of their Aunt Asia's, leading them on a quest to North Carolina for guidance. This captivating narrative transcends superhuman powers, exploring themes of problem-solving, family bonds, and self-empowerment. As the family relocates, the story unfolds with excitement, uncertainty, and the universal theme of change. "We Are Superhero’s" delves into the complexities of emotions, emphasizing problem-solving and encouraging self-empowerment. Beyond a tale of supernatural abilities, it serves as a guide for young readers, imparting valuable lessons in resilience and the limitless potential within each individual. A must-read for families, sparking conversations about change and embracing one's unique strengths.

Raven Larns Patience

Raven Learns Patience

                             Book Description

In "Raven's Lesson in Patience," Dr. Erica Handon crafts a charming narrative around the relatable challenge of patience in childhood. As Raven eagerly awaits her birthday, readers explore the complexities of anticipation and impatience. The story introduces the concept of delayed gratification, emphasizing the benefits of patience. Therapeutic themes are seamlessly woven in, encouraging young readers to navigate emotions and develop patience as a vital life skill. This book goes beyond storytelling, serving as a gentle guide for parents, educators, and caregivers to teach children the enduring rewards of patience.

Book Themes

Feelings and Friendship

Overcoming Bedtime Fears

Learning Patience Together

Family Bonds and


Facing Change and Resilience

Lesson Plans

• Learning Basic Emotions: Sad Mad Happy Excited

• Ways to prepare for First Day of School

• Standing up for Friends

• Difference Between Good Feelings and Bad Feelings

• Talking about Fears

• Monster Under Bed

• Asking for Help

• Complex Emotions

• Delayed Gratification

• Learning about Patience

• Identifying and Using Patience

• Improving Self-Esteem by believing in yourself

• Feelings about moving to a new Place

• Controlling Emotions

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