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Dear Monster , Leave Me Alone

Meet the Characters 





Viola's Mother

Viola's Mother

Purpose of Book

“Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone,” shows children how to neutralize their fear of monsters at bedtime by facing their fears. Childhood is one stage of life that can bring a lot of fears and anxiety such as fear of the dark, thunder, visiting the doctor, going to the school and many more. Among them, monsters lurking in their rooms is a common nightmare most of the children experience. I think this book is a great interactive approach which gives children control of the monsters in a fun way and hopefully helps them to understand and control their own fears.

 Therapeutic Themes of Book

  • Nurturing Pretend Play

  • Identify Fears of the Dark

  • Express Worry 

  • Learning ways to Cope with Fears

Viola Book Reviews 

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Dear Monster
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