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Raven Learns Patience

Meet the Characters 


Aunt Emily


Book Description

In the enchanting tale of "Raven's Lesson in Patience," young readers are invited to join Raven on a heartfelt journey as she eagerly anticipates her upcoming birthday. Like many children, Raven grapples with the concept of patience, yearning to dive into the excitement of her special day well before it arrives.


Authored by Dr. Erica Handon, this charming narrative weaves a relatable story around one of childhood's most formidable challenges—patience. As Raven's birthday draws near, her impatience grows, mirroring the complex emotions that often accompany anticipation. Through Raven's experiences, children are gently guided to explore the intricacies of their own feelings, fostering a deeper understanding of the emotional landscape.


The primary purpose of "Raven's Lesson in Patience" is to instill the invaluable trait of patience in young minds. As the story unfolds, readers are introduced to the concept of delayed gratification, illustrating the benefits that come with waiting. The book serves as a tool to help children navigate the balance between desire and the rewards that patience can bring.


Therapeutic themes are skillfully interwoven into the narrative, offering a thoughtful exploration of complex emotions and the significance of learning about patience. Young readers are not only entertained by Raven's adventures but are also encouraged to identify and utilize patience as a practical life skill.


This book is more than just a story; it's a gentle guide through the intricate process of understanding and embracing patience. "Raven's Lesson in Patience" is an essential addition to the library of parents, educators, and caregivers, providing a relatable and enriching resource for teaching children the art of delayed gratification and the enduring rewards of patience.

Lesson's\ Learning Objectives

  • Identity and Express Complex Emotions

  • • Delayed Gratification

  • • Learning about Patience

  • • Identifying and Using Patience

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