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Frank's First Day of School at Feelings Academy

Meet the Characters 



Mr. Chris

Miss. Jessica

Book Description

Embark on a heartwarming journey with Frank as he steps into the vibrant world of emotions at Feelings Academy. In "Frank's First Day at Feelings Academy," children are introduced to the basic emotions of happy, sad, mad, and excited. This enchanting tale serves as a gateway for young minds to navigate the intricate landscape of emotions, fostering emotional awareness and communication skills crucial for their development. As children follow Frank's adventures, they not only learn to identify basic emotions but also discover valuable coping strategies for handling the rollercoaster of feelings that accompany the first day of school.


The therapeutic themes woven into the narrative include practical insights on preparing for the first day of school and empowering children to face the unknown with confidence. The story gently unfolds coping strategies for managing challenging emotions, teaching kids how to express their feelings effectively. Moreover, the importance of standing up for friends and distinguishing between good and bad feelings is skillfully incorporated into the narrative, imparting valuable life lessons.


In "Frank's First Day at Feelings Academy," author Dr. Erica Handon skillfully combines storytelling with educational elements, creating an engaging and enriching experience for children. This book is not just a story; it's a guide to emotional intelligence, equipping young readers with the tools to understand, communicate, and navigate the colorful tapestry of their emotions. A must-read for parents, educators, and, most importantly, the little ones taking their first steps into the fascinating world of feelings.

Lessons / Learning Objectives 

• Learning Basic Emotions: Sad Mad Happy Excited

• Ways to prepare for First Day of School

• Coping Strategies for Bad Feelings

• Ways to Communicate Emotions

• Standing up for Friends

• Identifying Basic Emotions

• Difference Between Good Feelings and Bad Feelings

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