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We are Superhero's

Meet the Characters 



Aunt Asia

Mom and Dad

Book Description

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Junior and Shawn as they discover extraordinary powers within themselves in "We Are Superhero’s." For the past month, the brothers have grappled with newfound abilities, reminiscent of their Aunt Asia's mysterious powers from their childhood. With uncertainty swirling around their newfound talents, the brothers embark on a journey to North Carolina, seeking guidance from the one person who may hold the key to understanding and controlling their extraordinary abilities.


Authored by Dr.Erica Handon, this captivating narrative is more than a tale of superhuman abilities; it's a story about problem-solving, family bonds, and self-empowerment. The brothers navigate the challenges of mastering their powers, drawing inspiration from their Aunt Asia, who once wielded similar abilities. As their family relocates from New York City to live with Aunt Asia, the story unfolds with a mix of excitement, uncertainty, and the universal theme of change.


"We Are Superhero’s" explores a rich tapestry of themes that resonate with young readers and their families. Central to the narrative is the theme of problem-solving, as Junior and Shawn grapple with understanding and controlling their newfound powers. The story also delves into the complex realm of emotions, highlighting the brothers' feelings about moving to a new place and the challenges of controlling powerful and sometimes overwhelming emotions.


At its core, the book encourages self-empowerment and improving self-esteem by believing in oneself. Junior and Shawn's journey becomes a metaphor for every child's exploration of their unique abilities and the strength that comes from embracing and understanding oneself.


This book is not just an exhilarating tale of supernatural powers; it's a guide for young readers, teaching them valuable lessons in problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and the limitless potential that lies within. " We Are Superhero’s " is a must-read for families, sparking conversations about change, resilience, and the extraordinary power that resides within each of us.

Lesson/Learning Objectives

• Improving Self-Esteem by believing in yourself

• Feelings about moving to a new Place

• Controlling Emotions

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