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Dear Monster , Leave Me Alone

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Book Description

Embark on a delightful and empowering journey with "Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone," a captivating story that unravels the mystery behind bedtime fears and empowers children to face their fears head-on. Childhood is a magical yet challenging stage where fears and anxieties often take shape, from the ominous darkness to the intimidating prospect of the schoolyard.


This enchanting tale delves into the universal childhood fear of monsters lurking in the shadows of bedtime, providing a valuable tool for parents and guardians to help their little ones navigate these apprehensions. Authored by Dr. Erica Handon, the book offers an interactive and imaginative approach to give children a sense of control over their fears, especially the dreaded monsters beneath the bed.


"Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone" explores therapeutic themes that resonate with both children and their caregivers. Through the narrative, children are guided in talking about their fears, opening a channel for communication that fosters trust and understanding. The story also unfolds the journey of overcoming fears, showcasing the strength and resilience inherent in every child.


Central to the narrative is the playful yet impactful interaction with the monster under the bed. The book serves as a reassuring companion, encouraging children to ask for help and providing them with the tools to confront and conquer their fears. It is a wonderful resource for parents, educators, and caregivers, offering a unique blend of entertainment and therapeutic guidance.


As bedtime becomes a battleground against monsters, "Dear Monster, Leave Me Alone" stands as a beacon of reassurance, transforming fear into a playful ally. This book is not just a story; it's a roadmap for children to understand, confront, and ultimately conquer the monsters that linger in the corners of their imagination. A must-read for every child seeking empowerment over bedtime fears.

Lessons/ Learning Objectives

• Talking about Fears

• Overcoming Fears

• Monster Under Bed

• Asking for Help

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