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Frank's First Day of School at Feelings Academy​

This book follows Frank on his challenging first day of school. Within the classroom Frank and his classmates learn about basic emotions; Happy, sad, mad, and excited. The class also discovers differences between good feelings and bad feelings. This book offers the reader suggestions on ways to respond to bad feelings. The book is intended to encourage young readers to use feeling words to describe emotions and provide ideas to reduce bad feelings.

Dear Monster, Leave me alone

Viola is a ballerina whose best friend is a teddy bear named Alexander. One night Viola is woken by a monster while she is trying to sleep. To overcome her fear Viola's mother provides her with an idea to defeat the monster. The purpose of this story is to encourage young readers to overcome their fears at bedtime.

We Are Superhero's 

Junior and his little brother Shawn have begun to experience extraordinary powers for the last month. The brothers do not exactly know how to control these powers, but they had seen their Aunt Asia use similar power when they were younger. Junior and Shawn believe their only hope to controlling their power is by talking to their Aunt Asia. Junior and Shawn’s father got a new job in North Carolina, and their family is moving in with Aunt Asia for a little while. Our story begins with the family packing up their belongings and saying goodbye to New York City.

Raven Learns Patience

Patience is one of the most challenging concepts a young child must learn, Raven is no exception. Raven’s birthday is coming up soon. However, Raven would like to begin celebrating her birthday sooner rather than later. As the days leading up the Raven’s birthday approaches she becomes increasingly impatient. The purpose of this book is to teach children how to be patient and the benefits of delayed gratification.

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